Recruiting for CASARC: Spanish Speaking Mental Health Clinician

We are seeking bilingual/bicultural Spanish speaking, CA licensed LCSW or LMFT with experience and a strong interest in serving culturally and linguistically-diverse communities of child survivors of sexual abuse.

Recruiting for TRC Technical Assistance Program: Technical Assistance Specialist

Applicants with expertise in the evidence-based TRC model for a full-time, primarily remote-work position that will:

  • Help programs direct their efforts to successfully replicate the UCSF TRC model in California and nation-wide.
  • Provide engaging, strengths-based, individualized training and consultation to diverse groups of TRC staff that include program leaders, clinical supervisors, and direct service providers as well as government funders interested in the TRC.
  • Be a part of TRC-TAP program development, curriculum development, NATRC network partnerships, research efforts, and strategic communications.

Job Flyer: Updated_TRC Technical Assistance Specialist Job Flyer_Feb 2 2024.pdf

Click here to apply for this position (76450BR)

The National Alliance of Trauma Recovery Centers (NATRC) is working to create equitable and just access to healing services for survivors of violence. We believe that all communities have a right to safety and health, and that healing from violence is essential to public safety. The Trauma Recovery Center (TRC) model was developed by UCSF to remove barriers to care for underserved survivors of violent crime and to provide comprehensive, high-quality mental health and support services to help survivors and their families to stabilize and heal.

The Trauma Recovery Center Technical Assistance Program (TRC-TAP) provides consultation, training, technical assistance, and community-building activities to our national network of over 50 programs. Through primarily web-based learning and some live learning, the TRC-TAP builds the capacity of TRCs to provide evidence-based, culturally relevant mental health services that foster healing and resilience for individuals, families and communities.  Our work is grounded in the principles of social justice and racial equity.

Recruiting for TRC: Cantonese Speaking Master's Level Clinician I/II Position

We are looking for a full-time bicultural/bilingual (Cantonese and English) Masters-level clinician to support the UCSF Trauma Recovery Center. We seek candidates with a strong interest in supporting underserved survivors of interpersonal violence within Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities. We are seeking candidates whose clinical work is informed by cultural humility and a commitment to anti-racist practice.
To apply, please visit the UCSF Career Portal. The position will remain open until filled.

Ongoing Recruitment: RTC / CASARC Medical Forensic Team

RTC and CASARC are continuously seeking Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) who are interested in joining our medical/forensic team.  This role includes performing the following essential job functions: 

  • Provide 24/7 direct clinical services to adult, adolescent and pediatric victims of suspected sexual assault.
  • Provide evaluation, treatment and follow-up to adult, adolescent and pediatric victims of sexual assault.
  • Provide forensic examinations to adult, adolescent and pediatric victims of sexual assault.
  • Provide link to follow-up mental health services at TRC/RTC or CASARC for victims of sexual assault.
  • Provide expert courtroom testimony when a subpoena is issued.
  • Collaborate with TRC/RTC/CASARC clinical staff, SFGH ED medical and nursing staff, San Francisco SART members (SFWAR, SFPD, SFDA, SFVOC, SF Crime Lab, SF Medical Examiner’s office) and other division and department members.

Please see the links below for more information and to apply for a position with our team.

For Nurse Practitioners: https://smrtr.io/7R8_v

For Physician Assistants: https://smrtr.io/7Ns84