Our expert neuropsychologists at the ZSFG Neuropsychology Service focus on how changes in brain function may affect your thought processes, behavior, or emotions. They can help you and your loved ones learn new ways to live well and adjust to those changes.

Our Mission

The mission of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Neuropsychology Service is to provide comprehensive neuropsychological and psychological assessment services to public health patients with a wide variety of medical and behavioral/psychiatric needs.

What We Do

Our multicultural / multilingual team of neuropsychologists provides inpatient and outpatient diagnostic assessments and cognitive evaluations to adult San Francisco patients within the ZSFG treatment network.

How We Help

Our evaluations can help to:

· Differentiate and diagnose neurological and psychiatric issues

· Determine appropriate therapeutic, rehabilitative, remedial, or counseling strategies and supervisory needs

· Evaluate progression of a disease or a patient’s response to treatment


  • Neuropsychological evaluation services
  • Psychological evaluation services
  • In partnership with the ZSFG Departments of Neurosurgery and Neurology, our team is also integrated into various outpatient clinics, including ZSFG Concussion Clinic and ZSFG Geriatric Neuropsychology Clinic