We believe that all children should have the opportunity to grow up in a healthy, safe, and loving environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide compassionate, comprehensive services that support healing for children and families who have experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, severe neglect, or exposure to violence.

What We Do

CASARC was founded to address the complex needs of youth that have suffered from sexual abuse and other forms of trauma, and their families.  Our specialized services help children re-establish trust, know their right to be safe from abuse, and foster resilience.

How We Help

Our multidisciplinary team provides a range of services including: individual, family and group therapy centered on the needs of child and adolescent victims; advocacy with schools and other systems; community education and training, and forensic interviews and/or exams with children suspected to have been abused.

Mental Health Services

  • Individual and family psychotherapy
  • Parenting skills and education
  • Psychiatric services

Community Education and Training

  • Talking to Your Child About Sexual Abuse
  • Healthy Child Sexual Development
  • Treating Childhood Sexual Abuse

Forensic Services

  • Multidisciplinary Interview Center (MDIC)
  • Medical exam, treatment, evidence collection
  • Fact/Expert testimony

Please see more info on CASARC / RTC forensic services here.