Survivors have a voice, what happened matters, and speaking truth to power through advocacy and activism can be a mighty force for healing.
CHATT is a circle of survivors who use their voices and stories to uplift other survivors and educate service providers, students, legislators, and many more about the impact of trauma on individuals, families, and communities.

What We Do

A team of dedicated clinicians provide training and support for current and former participants in TRC services in becoming public speakers and advocates about their stories of healing after trauma. Once trained, CHATT members meet on a regular basis to support each other’s ongoing healing and growth as speakers. CHATT members are regularly invited to speak to a variety of audiences, including schools, community agencies, and government officials.

How CHATT Helps

CHATT encourages comprehensive healing from the impact of violence at the individual, family, and community level and upholds the importance of supporting resiliency at all these levels. Sharing our stories highlights the cost of violence and the value of specialized care for survivors.

CHATT’s advocacy work is unique in that it has the potential to benefit everyone involved; CHATT members have reported feeling empowered by telling their stories of surviving and healing from trauma.

What Does CHATT Include?

Who is Involved?

CHATT members are survivors who have participated in TRC services and want to tell their stories of recovery after trauma. Multiple TRC staff clinicians act as guides and facilitators for Speaker’s Circle events and meetings.  TRC clinicians also host monthly Speaking Support Meetings.

How does it work?

TRC clinicians will train newly recruited CHATT members along with seasoned CHATT members to practice story-building and public speaking techniques.  The trainings provide CHATT members with plenty of opportunities to write, polish, and practice telling their stories.

How can I contact CHATT about speaking events?

If you are interested in hosting CHATT speakers at a venue, please click here to contact us.